Disclaimers not only help the service provider but also let the
customer know what kind of conditions can exist that make a
problem for the owner and the service provider.


We can only do our best to try to help you out

 We can not be responsible for the following

  • Other Appliance Repair Service. or anyone that has
    worked on the unit before us.
  • we can only try to undo any damage that may have
    been done"this may or may not cost more labor"
  • no room to work on unit.


  • a unit that was installed improperly.
  • Mounting tabs bent or not installed right
  • Glued into mounting area floor or at top or sides
  • Short Power line or Water line or Drain hose
    "this may cost more money due to labor"
    "some Tech. do not want to mess with
    direct wired units power must be turned
    off to disconnect the wire that is too short

Installed right but other things that can interfering with
or re-installing.

  • Tile floor added after the dishwasher was installed
  • New counter added.
  • New Cabinets added trapping the dishwasher

Any type of Appliance

  • if we can not get the part because it is no longer
  • if it will not be safe to run due to after market
    part or mod.

Air Conditioners and Heaters
it is best to call and have
it checked out before you
need it on a cool day if possible.

  • On roofs May be to hot and unable to work on it.
  • in attics May be to hot an unable to work on it.
  • if other things are stacked on top or around
    unit we may not be able to work on it.


When some one is working at your house

  • We have told owners that we must turn off
    the power and were told OK but other people
    in the home were not told and may just
    think a breaker clicked off and one day turn
    it back on. this has happened on
    US AND
    we told the wife and she told the person
    that turned it on we were working on it
    and do not mess with it.
    15 min latter he turned it back on and
    sparks from the wires this time HE SAID
    the tech turned all the power off at the
    main to work on it and had to lock the
    box. home owners were told this is the
    only way we will be willing to finish the
    work on this one.

    MOST OF THE TIME we do not need to
    deal with this type of problem but is has
    happened to us.