Warranty policy?

within 30 days of Repair we will cover
parts and labor.

Except for Gas and Fuse’s or the limit of
warranty from the suppler labor is a max
of 30 days.

Service Call $60.00 Mon.-Sat 9am-6pm

your service call is free with our repair
service the $60.00 paid for the service
call is credit on the repair 100% of you
money go’s to the repair.

Limit 30 days from time of service call


We do have Emergence

Yes Of course! Our friendly and
knowledgeable  services tech are
available to answer your questions
9am-6pm Mon.-Sat. on Request Sunday

Emergence service is available just call.

Having Service
before peak time

Call for early service on heaters and
air conditioners “Why”?

  • #1  it can save you money if you call early
    enough Air conditioners and heaters use
    more energy when they need service and
    are not running right.
  • #2 at peak hot or cold days we and others
    get lots of Service calls we can only do so
    many a day the same go’s for all the
    other repair service providers.
  • #3 by booking a service call it is 1 st call 1 st.
  • if you are a customer we have serviced we are
    obligated to response to you as a priority
    if you have a problem within the in 30
    days of service call, so most of the time
    we find the problem at the time of the
    service call and offer to repair it so you
    do not have problems when the Heat or
    Cold wave comes.
(909) 965-0004